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Kanakapura Road, Bangalore South,
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General Secretary

Dr. C. Prabhakar

A building they say is as strong as its foundation. Having been builders for over 25 years this is a concept we understand very well. We therefore decided to focus our attention on another foundation of society, Education. A strong foundation for our children is what will create future leaders of tomorrow, thereby contributing to a successful nation. We wanted to create a world-class facility that would empower young students.

GTS is where your child will find his/her independent socially interactive scene. It is a place where your children pick up valuable lessons that leave an indelible mark on their future. It is a place where you as parents can confidently send your children and be assured of them being moulded into responsible, confident and successful individuals.


Latha S

We believe that EDUCATION IS ABOUT AWAKENING – AWAKENING TO THE POWER AND BEAUTY THAT LIES WITH ALL OF US. Gopalan Twinklers School is one of the best schools with proven record ageing beyond academics, catering to students on skill based learning which is essential to prepare students for life. Learning at GTS is an enriching experience to your children.

We give equal importance to Co-Curricular Activities. It constitutes the dynamic part of school life and plays an important role in the development of child’s personality - physically, mentally, morally and socially. The co-curricular activities provide opportunities to the children for developing their individual characteristics, abilities and self-confidence. We hope that we could have a healthy group of students with positive thinking which will help them to be an understanding adult in future.