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Mon - Fri 8 AM - 4 PM


Kanakapura Road, Bangalore South,
Bangalore - 560 082

School Anthem

Gopalan Twinkler School Anthem

Our school is a hallowed place We revere and love
To lead as to knowledge, To wisdom in our life.

We get opportunities To study and explore
What Nature has blessed us with The lab and library.

Music, Dance and Handicrafts, Joyous diversions
Happy experience to have games in the end

Our school projects the role models For curriculum we have
Exams are no botheration Thanks to all help-line.

In the school we are zealous Trained for bright future
Style and grace both sprout in us In this holy school.

Our school is a hallowed place We revere and love
Our school is a hallowed place We revere and love

Glory, Glory, Alma Mater,
Lovely Gopalan Twniklers School.

Gopalan Twinkler Moto

  • To make the school a global centre of excellence
  • To focus on academics as well as special curricular areas of study, such as music and sports, in order to groom a new, well rounded generation of students who will become the leaders of tomorrow
  • To provide a value based education using the latest educational philosophies and techniques
  • To Provide an excellent infrastructure in a serene surrounding
  • To become a school of preference for students and parents
  • To encourage students to pursue their areas of interest such as games, athletics, group activities ,music, drama, dance ,debates, creative writing, arts, yoga etc.
  • These areas of study address and promote the development of the multiple intelligence of our students
  • To Impart overall discipline and help students to become globally aware , well balanced individuals